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What is a Sleeper Bus 
    Vehicles of this type have been around for many years especially in Europe and Asia, as a way to transport people in a more comfortable way . As with most things when we do it in the good old USA we go BIGGER . Band or crew busses as they are called are used a lot in the music industry and then moved into the sports arena . The issue has been that the buses are quite small most housing around 12 people in tight quarters accommodating regular size people NOT BIGGER ATHLETES . 
   HERE COMES POWERHOUSE we have designed and built a rig that FAR exceeds the bus platform units in many many ways . IT IS BIGGER with 9 feet of interior height large bunk stacks can be build in giving good space ( its not like sleeping in a submarine bunk ) . We also provide innovations in design that allow the rigs to be very versatile . Will you have 30-35 people who all want to do the same thing ,watch the same thing or be in the same room ( I Don't Think So ) . Dinette booths easily change into beds when needed and bunks change into seating when needed . Our rigs provide up to 4 rooms that can be separated with closing doors so that some can sleep some play cards or watch different live tracking satellite TV channels even in each bunk  . Coaches can review game footage and have meetings as well . Each room has its own heating and Air Conditioning Systems . 
   A TRUCK the semi truck  is very superior and way tougher than a bus . Trucks are designed for a lot more weight , have double propulsion driving axles and two more tires on the ground . This allows the truck to operate safer in all weather conditions . and carry more people and gear. Our insulation is double the buses and with multiple heating and cooling systems we can keep you comfortable in hot or cold . 
   COMPARE setting in a seat trying to recline enough to sleep with your knees into the next seat or turning to talk to the person next to you , OR having LOTS OF OPTIONS . Set at a booth to eat something cooked in the microwave or a cold drink from the fridge , visit with a group or play cards.
Stretch out in a large bed watch a DVD or choose one of the several channels available to you on  your bed TV . Plug into your own outlet and charge your phone ect . Read testimonials from people who have traveled on a Powerhouse Sleeper ( ITS THE BEST ) .  Make the traveling a RELAXING  and ENJOYABLE  parts of what ever u go to do not a test of endurance and stress management , be better when u arrive not already worn out . 
Call or Texting is GREAT 208-589-0015

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